Behold the Titanosaur

- When Hollywood portrays dinosaurs, they're usually seen as giant pretty scary creatures. But the old T. rex has nothing on this big guy. Meet the American Museum Of Natural History's newest icon: the Titanosaur. It is 122 feet long; so big that it barely fits into the gallery.

This fossil was discovered in Patagonia, Argentina. Several teams of people and seven different expeditions were needed to unearth the ancient bones.

What you're looking at is a giant fiberglass cast. This is one of the dinosaur's actual bones. It's the femur or thigh bone. Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds, it's larger than your average couch.

Paleontologists aren't sure if this Titanosaur was male or female but they do know that it wasn't fully grown. They can measure its age by rings in the neck, similar to the rings on the trunk of a tree.

This plant-eating giant roamed the earth more than 100 million years ago. Scientists call this finding the latest major discovery in paleontology. Kids call it breathtaking.

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