Posted: Feb 04, 2016 11:00PM EST


NYC subway video

For anyone who rides the subway five days a week, a two-and-a-half-minute slow-motion film of the system's rusting platforms, filth-caked supports and the expressionless faces of its riders probably appeals very little.

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  • DPS Trooper killed, suspect arrested in Waller Co.

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    DPS Trooper killed, suspect arrested in Waller Co.

  • Thanksgiving's emphasis on gratitude makes it an easy day to like. In fact, New York always seems kinder, gentler this time of year. Volunteers emerge with the muscle to feed tens of thousands. Once a year we can rest our ambitions and focus on our c

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  • A long line of people waited outside the Best Buy on the Upper East Side for it to open Thursday. Some of them had been here for more than 24 hours. Why? $179 smart televisions. Customers loaded up at Walmart in Secaucus, New Jersey. The store opened

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    Thanksgiving Day shopping

  • Food-related debates and laughs quick to follow. But the love being served was undeniable. There were white tablecloths and menu items for order. There was an assembly line for to-go plates made for health care workers and those unable to come in.

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    Thanksgiving at Harlem church

  • People came from all over to see and enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The NYPD was out in force to keep the event safe. This year's parade featured 26 floats and 14 balloons, four of which were new. The Olaf balloon kicked off the parade.

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    Thanksgiving Day Parade excitement

  • The annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade drew tens of thousands of spectators on the streets along the route and many more in the buildings above. These are some highlights of the balloons and floats.

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    Thanksgiving Day Parade highlights

  • President Donald Trump kicked off his first Thanksgiving Day as commander-in-chief with a visit to a U.S. Coast Guard station in Florida. The president and the first lady shook hands with and fed members of the Coast Guard unit stationed in Lake Rivi

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