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Good Day Street Talk 10/31/2015

Magician and performer Jason Suran tell us about the theatrical performance of "The Séance." Rory Halperin of Mommy Nearest tells us about some of the fun things you can do today for Halloween in th

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  • Nick had the weather.
  • In a stinging defeat, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan pulled their health care bill that sought to replace the Affordable Care Act.
  • The lesson being taught is a most personal one for Nelba Marquez-Greene. Her enthusiastic daughter Ana was one of the promising young souls gunned down at Sandy Hook. Now, in her name, Ana's mother has created a program called Love Wins to help socia
  • A former Marine who lost part of both legs in Afghanistan has fulfilled his dream of becoming a cop.
  • An Amtrak train derailed and side-swiped a New Jersey Transit train at Penn Station, causing a nightmare for commuters.
  • A lot of bizarre things happen in Florida. Well, add one more to that long list. Kiaron Thomas set up a table in the middle of Memorial Boulevard and sat down to eat pancakes, syrup and all, on Tuesday.
  • FOX 5's Anjali Hemphill reports.
  • Suffering from mental illness, Victor Hubbard fell on hard times and lived on the streets for years as countless cars passed him at a busy intersection in Texas. But it was Ginger Sprouse that decided to stop and talk to him. Their story went viral a