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Good Day Street Talk 10/31/2015

Magician and performer Jason Suran tell us about the theatrical performance of "The Séance." Rory Halperin of Mommy Nearest tells us about some of the fun things you can do today for Halloween in th

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  • The wildfire is only 1% contained and firefighters are battling the flames from the ground and air. FOX 10's Ty Brennan reports.
  • Nick has the weather.
  • It wasn't the normal morning commute from Washington Heights to Harlem for Kelly Kopp. A video shows him and others making their way off the A train with the help of MTA workers after it abruptly stopped. But an hour before, Kopp and everyone else we
  • A spiritual feeling of being relaxed, centered, reassured and grounded that many people of faith describe may now be supported by science. Dr. Jeffrey Anderson of the University of Utah conducted a research study with a group of devout Mormons. They
  • Some Republicans dislike the Senate healthcare bill just as much as Democrats do. The Senate Republican leadership didn't have enough votes to pass it so they delayed the vote. All of the Republican senators went to the White House to meet with the p
  • Smoke poured into subway cars. People punched through windows and evacuated onto darkened tracks. That was immediate aftermath of Tuesday morning's subway derailment. In the moments before two cars of a southbound A train went off the tracks, scrapin
  • A Chandler restaurant is closing its doors, but customers are getting mixed messages about why the place is shutting down. FOX 10's Nicole Garcia reports.
  • A 36-week pregnant Phoenix woman gave birth onboard a Spirit Airlines flight after telling flight attendants she wasn't feeling well about thirty minutes after takeoff. FOX 10's Syleste Rodriguez reports.