4 weeks to transform your finances

- Transform your finances in just four weeks? Holistic wealth expert Leanne Jacobs says a month-long money makeover is possible. She believes that everything in our lives is interconnected and that by making some mental, spiritual, and emotional changes, we can also overhaul our bank accounts.

Jacobs says that money is the No. 1 stressor and that more than 70 percent of Americans feel some discomfort around it. So how do we fix that? Jacobs says knowing your net worth is one of the easiest and most empowering financial things you can do. She believes people avoid knowing their net worth because they're afraid they're going to see red. Her advice: Look at the number without being judgmental. It's the top thing you can do to transform your finances and it only takes about 15 minutes to do.

Jacobs says she totaled up her assets and liabilities and wrote that number down, then wrote down where she wanted to be in three years. That helped her focus on what she wanted in the future instead of fixating on what she didn't want in her life at the time.

Figuring out your net worth is one of the steps in Jacobs' new book, Beautiful Money, a guide to making over your total wealth in just a month. Her book lays out a four week program that can help fix your financial mess.

  • Week 1 is all about creating gorgeous space and making room to breathe in your life.
  • Week 2 is about changing your mindset. A lot of times we desire wealth but think broke. This is where we really have to realign how we think, speak, and act to move in the direction we intend to go.
  • Week 3 is where the mindful money practices come in, including knowing your net worth.
  • Week 4 is about how to become you own bank, how to be a goal setting god or goddess, and how to set goals with intention. This is also the week when you create a holistic wealth plan.

A busy mother with three kids and a stepdaughter, Jacobs applied these principles to her own life and made big changes by starting small. One of the changes was letting go of emotional spending. Jacobs says that transformed her finances, and believes putting just $100 a week in a savings account can help someone sleep better at night.

She doesn't care what the amount is, but says when money is sitting in your wealth account, as she calls it, you will feel better. You'll feel empowered and that will start a domino effect.


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