Posted: May 10, 2018 06:09PM EDT


Milken Award-winning teacher

Kimberly Moreno, a teacher at Union City High School, is a winner of the Milken Award.

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  • It’s not exactly airmail, but a very special delivery just wrapped up at Tampa International Airport. A passenger’s service dog gave birth to eight puppies in the middle of the concourse.

    Posted: May 25, 2018 11:01PM EDT

    Dog gives birth at Tampa airport

  • Memorial Day weekend is here and you may need a drink or two. How does vodka sound? If that's your kind of drink then Our/New York is your place.  The vodka distillery just opened its doors. It's the seventh one to open around the country and world.

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    Vodka made in Manhattan

  • Authorities say they are searching for 25-year-old Yasmine Wilkerson who is accused of shooting a pregnant woman and her father in Southwest Philadelphia.
  • Nick has the weather.

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    Weather Forecast

  • Pastor Joel Grassi estimates he is the world's only Baptist pastor exterminator. We met Joel at his Commonwealth Community Baptist Church in the Bronx but spoke to him not in his capacity as a man of God but instead as a professional killer of vermin

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    Pastor pest control

  • Harvey Weinstein, the now disgraced movie mogul, voluntarily turned himself into the NYPD. Inside Manhattan Criminal Court, the lead prosecutor explained the case against him. The criminal sex act charge against Weinstein stems from one-time aspiring

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    Weinstein's #MeToo reckoning?

  • More than 4,000 emails dating back to the mayor's first year in office are now public. Mayor Bill de Blasio's disgust with the New York press is there from the start. On Friday, he offered no apologies. The mayor made a rare appearance in Room 9 of C

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    Mayor's emails released

  • Police are investigating after a woman pregnant with twins and her elderly father were shot Sunday evening. FOX 29's Lauren Johnson is live with the latest.