Posted: Mar 08, 2018 06:12PM EST


Mothers and babies at the U.N.

The United Nations is the home of international diplomacy, but on Thursday it was home to a new class of fresh-faced diplomats, namely several hundred babies and toddlers, and their mothers. The occasion was International Women's Day. The event, #Mam

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  • Sir Salman Rushdie's 13th novel, The Golden House, is now out in paperback.

    Posted: Jun 25, 2018 11:32AM EDT

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  • Kevin Alvarez, 19, one of the suspects in the savage killing of a 15-year-old boy inside a grocery store in the Bronx was greeted with chants of asasin in Spanish while he was walked out of the police precinct.

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  • An alligator got its own cab ride home (inside a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office patrol car) after it was spotted near a gas station in Brandon.

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  • Firefighters responding to an explosion at a high-rise Long Beach apartment building were met by gunfire. FOX 11's Mario Ramirez reports.
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  • A Peoria woman says a Walgreens pharmacist denied her medicine to treat her miscarriage because of his personal beliefs.
  • The Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary in Palm Shores says it performs multiple rescues of animals stuck in glue traps.

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