Sun safety tips you might not have considered before

- Pediatrician Dr. Mary Ellen Rena says the only amount of sun you should get is none.

"Avoiding the sun is best, especially for babies," said Rena. "Get your Vitamin D from foods, not the sun."

If you are going to be exposed to the sun's harmful rays, here are things to keep in mind about protecting your skin:

           1. There are 2 main types of UV light...UVA and UVB
           2. Sunscreens protect against UVB which causes sunburns
           3. UVA is just as damaging despite not causing sunburns
           4. UVA penetrates into the skin and ages the skin, acts to suppress
             the immune system and increases cancer risk..but it does not
             cause sunburns.
            What to look for:
            1. Avoid the higher SPFs
            2. Avoid the chemical oxybenzone...found in sunscreens..
                it's a hormone disrupter! Found in many sunscreens and found
                in 97% of Americans' urine!!!! Avoid vitamin A derivatives when
               exposed to the sun can be carcinogenic in animals!
            3. Use creams rather then spray on..the aerosolized chemicals
               can be inhaled and can be toxic
            4. There are 2 main types of sunscreens....mineral based and
                chemical based.  Better to use mineral based sunscreens
                contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that do not penetrate
                the skin...they are nontoxic and work well.

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