How to use body language to your advantage

- Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy has one of the most popular TED talks about body communication and how you can positively shape your presence.

Cuddy says her book, Presence, lays it all out.

"It's about figuring out how to perform well and feel comfortable in really challenging and stressful situations especially when we feel we are being judged or evaluated by other people," said Cuddy.

For example, ahead of a job interview, Cuddy says you need to find a way to feel powerful.

"It’s not a power over others, but a power to do things," said Cuddy. 

Before going in, practice using expansive, open body language. This makes you feel powerful which helps you acquire power.

"What do you do when you win a race? You throw your hands up. Do Star fish, Wonder Woman," said Cuddy.

Once you're in the midst of the interaction, posture is important.

"Use open, square, good posture, that isn’t intimidating to the other person," said Cuddy.

Lastly, what you're doing throughout the day can have a huge impact on your presence in those challenging situations.

"Check your posture throughout the day. Your body is constantly feeding back information to your mind," said Cuddy.

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