Good Day

Mike Berland

Mike Berland has authored the book, 'Become a Fat Burning Machine.'

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  • Legoland Florida is full of sights and sounds that would make any little kid’s adrenaline surge. But for children with autism, all the stimulation might be overstimulation.
  • Gator has tee time at South Carolina golf course. Video: MayorJuan/Instagram
  • Schoolchildren in 3rd through 8th grades hit the test booklets Tuesday. The Common Core assessment for English language arts (ELA) began Tuesday morning and will last through Thursday for everyone except those who opt out.
  • Immigrant groups have declared New York the city of refuge. Dozens gathered outside the Trump Building on Wall Street with inflatable rafts and photos of refugees, symbolizing those who have come to this country by water.
  • A Brooklyn couple is turning their passion for baked goods into a big business, literally taking their tarts from the stoop to Starbucks. They're called Megpies, and if ever there was a brand that proves all you need is a delicious idea and some hard
  • Restoration is set to begin Tuesday at the historic Mount Carmel Cemetery in Wissinoming, where vandals toppled  dozens of headstones, last month.
  • Off the coast of Los Angeles, two jet skiers helped cut a sea turtle free from a balloon it was tangled in. VIDEO: Wild Spirit Nature Channel