Posted: Aug 14, 2018 11:20AM EDT

Good Day


Baruch Shemtov checked out the Whisperlodge pop-up experience. Treatments are intended to enhance your sensory journey through live ASMR.

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  • Razor brand Gillette released a new ad campaign touching on the topic of toxic masculinity. The video is more than just an advertisement for the company’s products. Gillette is using it as a way to promote change in society and has dedicated a pag

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  • For the people who were on US Airways flight 1549 on that cold January day in 2009, it's been 10 years full of milestones and important moments since the "Miracle on the Hudson" — when their plane collided with a flock of geese after takeoff from N

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  • The nearly month-long shutdown has left many federal workers without pay. Among them are air traffic controllers. Some across the country are walking off the job.

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  • With the federal government partially shut down, many furloughed federal workers are feeling financial stress. Antony Tseng, an environmental engineer with the EPA, decided to speak out. Tseng is also a volunteer EMT in Beacon, his hometown. The lack

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  • Audio from authorities of a Last Call broadcast for fallen Salt River Police officer Clayton Townsend.
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