Posted: Sep 04, 2017 12:44PM EDT

Good Day

Ashmoret Mishal

The ultra marathoner founded the Ultra Leadership method and wrote a book.

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  • HUD regional administrator Lynne Patton is getting a first-hand look at living conditions for residents at the Douglass Houses. Firefighters were called to the complex to get Patton and a group of news crews out of a stuck elevator due to overloading

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    Touring NYCHA

  • Now that 16 states have filed their lawsuit challenging the president's emergency declaration, the scene is set for what will be a lengthy court battle over the fate of the border wall. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are among the 16 states ar

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    States sue Trump

  • HUD regional administrator Lynne Patton got a real-life taste of the problems in public housing when she and several other people got stuck in an elevator at the Douglass Houses in Manhattan on Tuesday.

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    HUD official stuck in elevator

  • A gymnastics facility in North Dakota is giving children of all abilities the chance to take part in gymnastics and other activities they wouldn't normally be able to participate in. VIDEO: TNT Kid's Fitness & Gymnastics
  • A new bill would eliminate limits on how fast you can drive on Interstate Route 5 and State Route 99.

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    Push to let drivers go faster on LA freeways

  • A man proposed to his girlfriend when she was holding a gun!

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    Gun range engagement

  • SPRINGDALE, Utah (AP/FOX 10) - Authorities have rescued a hiker who got stranded in a creek during winter weather at Zion National Park in Utah after his leg got stuck in quicksand.

Zion National Park says the 34-year-old man from Arizona and his
  • A very clever cat lent a helping paw when his owner was locked out their home. 

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    Cat opens unlocks door for owner