Posted: Mar 06, 2017 11:34AM EST

Good Day

To Tell The Truth: Mar. 3, part 2

Visit for a more detailed look at human and animal ash used in art.

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  • Man stops erratic driver, holds him until police arrive
  • Dionne Anglin reports.

    Posted: Jul 27, 2017 08:33AM EDT

    Good Samaritan’s parents can't bury him

  • Dionne Anglin reports.
  • A San Francisco man was ordered to serve three-years' probation for animal cruelty against his 10-month-old dog. The dog is doing better at a Nevada shelter where they are looking for a permanent home for him.
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    Posted: Jul 27, 2017 08:27AM EDT

    Shocking semi-truck crash

    Local News
  • A paparazzo was struck by a truck driven by singer Justin Bieber outside the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, according to police and reports from the scene. FOX 11's Mario Ramirez reports.
  • A motorized tricycle belonging to a 94-year-old has been stolen. It was taken on July 18 at the CVS at 4260 6th Street South. St. Pete Police released surveillance in hopes of finding the suspect.

    Posted: Jul 27, 2017 08:14AM EDT

    Elderly man's stolen tricycle

  • St. Petersburg Police are looking for a thief who targeted an elderly man. The 94-year-old had stepped into the store for just a few moments when someone took off with his expensive motorized tricycle.

    Posted: Jul 27, 2017 08:14AM EDT

    Tricycle stolen from 94-year-old