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  • FOX 5's Alexandra Limon reports.
  • President Donald Trump told Reuters Thursday that his first 100 days as president of the United States failed to meet his expectations. "I thought it would be easier," he said. A Google of "Trump" and "100 days" returns dozens of timelines and lists
  • Imagine making $650 million and then spending all of it. Well, that’s apparently what Johnny Depp has done. 
In January, he realized he was broke and sued his managers claiming they owe him $25 million. The Management Group has filed a counter sui
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  • Texting while driving could make a crash up to 23 times more likely. But even other distractions are dangerous. Stopping them can save thousands of lives. Laura Carney lost her father in a distracted-driving crash. Now she is on a mission to help mak
  • New York's restaurant scene is a melting pot of dishes from around the globe. But you don't see a lot of Hungarian food places. One chef is trying to win over New Yorkers with a few dishes at a time. Jeremy Salamon is stirring up something fresh in t
  • It seems everyone is trying to sell a subscription these days, whether it's razors, shampoos, or meals for your family. The subscription craze really started back in 2010 with Birchbox's monthly beauty samples. That company only just became profitabl
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at the federal courthouse in Central Islip, one of the communities that have been plagued by gang violence. Sessions said the Justice Department is on a mission to demolish and devastate MS-13, the violent street