Good Day

Joe Torre

The 'mystery guest' is no stranger to Good Day New York.

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  • You will now have the opportunity to pay to dine amongst rats!

For some reason, this summer there will be a Rat Cafe at the popular tourist attraction the San Francisco Dungeon. The reservation is under Mickey!
For $49.99, you can enjoy lunch wit
  • The New York City Council first banned foam takeout containers in 2013. The law went into effect in 2015 but was quickly overturned after a group that included a restaurant trade organization and a major styrofoam manufacturer sued the city.
  • More than 3,700 sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen from several vessels docked along the Hudson River. The service men and women will be in town for the long Memorial Day weekend. They remind us that home is free because of the brave.
  • Put away the Botox and Juvuderm, because the latest injectable to take the world by storm may actually be a love hormone!

Oxytocin – no, not Oxycotin – is being dubbed the ‘cuddle chemical’ and it could make you nicer towards strangers.
  • Vacation season is here and so are the mosquitoes. Health officials are reminding New Yorkers to watch out for the Zika virus when booking their trips because hundreds of locals have contracted the virus while traveling.
  • Some companies are already preparing for the chaos Penn Station repair work could cause for their employees' commute over the summer. The search for office space outside the city is heating up.
  • Amazon, the online behemoth that began as a virtual bookstore, has opened an actual bookstore in New York City that you can walk into and shop in. Why? Vice President of Amazon Books Jennifer Cast pitches the city's first physical Amazon store (and t
  • Some video from the NATO summit in Belgium is raising eyebrows. President Donald Trump appeared to shove aside a fellow world leader so he could get to the front of a group for a photo op. The president came up behind Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of