Good Day

Spelling Bee

Teresa Priolo hosted the SASF Spelling Bee.

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  • Officers under fire at home where suspected cop killer is holed up
  • Cpl. Ballard shot in parking lot; Police at suspect’s home, trying to get him to surrender
  • As of 7:30am, no official word but standoff may be over
  • The Wawa where Cpl. Stephen J. Ballard was killed in the parking lot will remain closed until the weekend
  • An Austrian zoo is boasting a brood of rare cubs.  Four white tiger cubs made their debut at Weisser Zoo in Kernhof on Wednesday.
  • Police in Winter Haven are looking for a group of Walmart shoppers who apparently helped themselves to over $1,000 in extra cash when they discovered a self-checkout register error. (WHPD video)
  • Derek Jeter still wants to be a baller.

The former New York Yankees star has teamed up with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and reportedly won a bid to buy the Miami Marlins.

The current owner of the team is selling the franchise for roughly $
  • Three men disguised as construction workers tried to rob a watch store in Walnut Creek, but the store owner pulled a gun. The dramatic incident was caught on video and we talked to the owner.