Good Day

Spelling Bee

Teresa Priolo hosted the SASF Spelling Bee.

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  • Audrey has the weather forecast.
  • James Rose reports
  • Controversy over Mayor de Blasio’s trip to the sunshine state.
  • It was a day to remember Karina Vetrano in Briarwood, Queens.
  • The 48th Annual Pride Parade is the culmination of celebrations across the country, and in New York, over the past month.
  • A video is going viral after two Chicago teens were thrown out of a 7-11 for being “suspicious.” The teens say there were thrown out because they "were black."
  • Real-life wonder women- Ilene Wachs, President of the Education Fund of the Women’s Forum of New York and Tamila Pashaee, Education fellow discuss the Women’s Forum and how they help those looking for a second chance and help women earn a college
  • A group of bystanders formed a human chain to rescue a woman from her sinking car Friday afternoon. Kaycee B. Karcher recorded on her phone as her husband, Scott joined several others in the flooded parking lot of a Chick-fil-A.