Pig, bunny, senior dogs are Instagram stars

- Having nine senior, adopted dogs in your house isn't easy. But Steve Greig wouldn't have it any other way. And the dogs are only part of his menagerie.

"I have nine senior dogs and a pig and three chickens, two ducks and a rabbit," Greig said.

There's Sally the Duck, Stuart the Rabbit, and perhaps the biggest scene stealer of all: Bikini the Pig.

The gang is all featured on Greig's Instagram account @Wolfgang2242 where more than 700,000 fans get daily doses of cuteness.

"I just started taking pictures because I had so many dogs and a pig, and I got some kind of good pictures and then it just kind of morphed into this," Greig said of his social media following. "The amazing part has been how it has brought so much life to senior dog adoption."

It all started five years ago when Greig's dog Wolfgang was hit and killed by a car, leaving him heartbroken.

"One day I decided if something good was to come out of his death, maybe another animal got to live because he died," Greig said. "So I went to the shelter and adopted the oldest, least adoptable dog they had and it was immediately healing, immediately it felt like his death had a purpose."

Eyeore, a senior Chihuahua who is now 17, was first and the other dogs soon followed.

It's a lot of work. Greig, a full-time accountant based in Denver, admitted he wakes up at 5 a.m. to prepare breakfast for all the animals. But he says taking care of senior animals is a lot easier and more affordable than many would imagine.

"One of the most common questions I get is, 'How do you afford it?' And honestly it's just a misperception," he said. "I think I've had 13 senior pets now and only one of them cost me more than the others."

Greig's fans are spread across the world and a number recently got to meet him and his 12-year-old Chihuahua Englebert at PetCon in Manhattan. But Greig isn't in it for the fame, he is in it to inspire others to give senior and special needs animals a second look.

"I have nine dogs, there is no way I could have nine young dogs, I just couldn't do it," Greig said. "They go for walks, they love to watch TV on the couch, they're just very easygoing—they fit into a lot of people's lifestyles, I think they're just the unknown gem of dogs."

Greig now regularly hears from fans who say he (and his brood) convinced them to adopt a senior dog.

"It's just the best thing in the world—it's like they're learned the secret of senior dogs," he said.

There's nothing better than giving an old dog a new life, Greig said.

"I always tell people, you know how as you become older you become the best version of yourself? It's the same thing with dogs," Greig said. "They just settle in to who they are, and they're wonderful, wonderful dogs."

Up next for the Wolfgang gang is a special on Animal Planet this February and a book in the world.

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